Industrial Policy

Industrial policy is one of the key action areas of industriAll European Trade Union and provides an overarching structure to the industrial sector activities. Horizontal approaches (energy, external trade, innovation, environment) and sectoral approaches (all industriAll sectors) are combined and seek to find a balance between fostering employment and improving competitiveness. Only by implementing an efficient industrial policy that accounts for the specific needs of Europe’s industrial sector can the framework conditions be set for a strong European industry with a high level of quality employment.

Europe’s industrial base is fundamental for securing and modernising the EU’s economy, and ensuring a sustainable progression towards a flourishing economy and environmentally sustainable production. Today, European and national industrial policy is the process of cooperation between the public and private sector in fields of strategic importance that require special attention. The industriAll Industrial Policy Committee follows the political developments in the field at EU level very closely while providing information about ongoing EU legislation to affiliates. It develops position papers with the aim of strengthening the visibility and impact of trade union industrial policy and influencing European industrial policy.

Manufacturing our Future

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