Policy Position Papers


Position Papers

2024/156 - industriAll Europe Charter for Health & Safety in battery production  DE  EN  FR

2024/155 - Putting the European Rail supply industry on track to reach the Green Deal objectives and create good industrial jobs  DE  EN  FR

2024/154 - For a Europe of solidarity and inclusiveness: industriAll European Trade Union pledge against racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and islamophobia  DE  EN  FR

2024/153 - Misusing shortages for a new ‘race to the bottom’? Equal treatment for migrant workers now!  DE  EN  FR

2024/152 - Industry 5.0: Why should workers care?  DE  EN  FR

2024/151 - Future EU enlargement: Learning the lessons twenty years on from EU enlargement to Central and Eastern European Countries  DE  EN  FR

2024/150 - 20 Years after EU Enlargement to Central and Eastern European Countries: Trade unions demand an industrial agenda that delivers on cohesion and good industrial jobs in Central and Eastern Europe  DE  EN  FR


Position Papers

2023/150 - Affordable access to pharmaceuticals for all and good jobs in the European pharmaceutical industry  DE  EN  FR

2023/149 - CO2 standards and Euro 7: automotive workers need to be on board  DE  EN  FR

2023/148 - Sustainable aviation: for a greener European aviation sector with workers at its core  DE  EN  FR

2023/147 - Urgency to invest in workers, training and quality jobs to loosen the tight labour market and meet the shortages  DE  EN  FR

2023/146 - Building green industries demands urgent investment and solidarity: IndustriAll Europe position on the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan  DE  EN  FR

2023/145 - Electricity regulation - for a Just Energy Transition and the right to energy  DE  EN  FR

2023/144 - Occupational Exposure Limits for nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide: end of the transition period for underground mining and tunnel construction  DE  EN  FR


Position Papers

Trade Unions for peace: industriAll Europe statement on war in Ukraine, Brussels  DE EN FR

Statement on Ukraine  DE EN FR (24 March 2022)

2022/143 - Ending the permanent crisis for youth: solutions exist  DE  EN  FR

2022/142 - More and fair circular economy: towards strategic autonomy for industrial jobs and a cleaner environment  DE  EN  FR

2022 - Europe must do more for the workers of the automotive industry DE  EN  FR

2022/141 - What does it take to create the glass industry of the future in Europe?  DE  EN  FR

2022/140 - Youth Action Plan - Trade unions’ future at risk? Building a future for trade unions through youth inclusion  DE  EN  FR

2022/139 - All eyes on AI. Artificial Intelligence as a challenge for workers and their representatives  DE  EN  FR

2022/138 - Fair wages for a fair recovery  DE  EN  FR

2022/137 - The energy prices crisis and its impact on households, industries and jobs  DE  EN  FR


Position Papers

Just Transition: ‘Nothing About Us, Without Us!’

Joint Declaration of IndustriALL Global and industriAll Europe on COP26

2021/136 - Towards a decarbonised circular plastics industry

2021/135 - An economic governance supporting a 'better green and digital normal' that works for all

2021/134 - Stepping up trade union action with and for persons with disabilities

2021/133 - The European semiconductor industry needs a well conceived strategy

2021/132 - A future EU Textiles Strategy which protects workers and the planet BG DE EN ES FR IT RO

2021/131 - The Fit-for-55 Package - Position of industriAll Europe

2021/129 - Securing sustainable raw materials supply in Europe - industriAll Europe’s recommendations for ’Critical Raw Materials Resilience’ DE EN FR

2021/128 - Rainbow Workplaces: Our commitment to equality for LGBTIQ workers  DE  EN  FR

2021/127 - Leaving no region and no worker behind: addressing the challenges of decarbonisation and modernisation in Central and Eastern Europe’s heavy industries - BG CZ DE EN FR HU PL RO

2021/126 - A Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy for Europe DE EN FR

2021/125 - Ensuring lifelong employability through training for future-proof occupational pathways  DE  EN  FR

2021/124 - Employers must stop misusing the crisis to roll back on social standards and to put pressure on wages  DE  EN  FR

2021/123 - Position paper on due diligence/ responsible business conduct DE EN FR

2021/122 - Review of the EU Emissions Trading System DE EN FR

2021/121 - IndustriAll Europe's ICT Action Plan:- The European ICT sector at a crossroads ’  DE EN  FR

A new context: strengthening European trade union unity post-Brexit (Apr 21)  DE  EN  FR

The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability  DE EN FR

2021/119 - Updating Europe’s Industrial Policy Strategy to deliver industrial recovery 


Position Papers

Europe's green deal - mapping the route to 2030  EN  FR  DE

The Role of Clean Hydrogen in achieving a Just Transition to a climate neutral industry  EN  FR  DE

Delivering an offshore Renewable Energy Strategy that guarantees good jobs in Europe   EN  FR  DE

Statement on EU Recovery Plan and COVID19 Trade Union Strategies Together for a social and sustainable EU Recovery Strategy  DE  EN  FR

Second stage consultation of the European social partners on a possible action on fair minimum wage  DE  EN  FR


Position Papers

Climate plan - IndustriAll Europe supports the plan of going climate neutral by 2050 if a ‘just transition’ is guaranteed
EU Space Strategy - Safeguard competitiveness, safeguard jobs


Position Papers

Impact of Brexit on the Aerospace Sector

Implementation of the European Energy Union 

A Just Transition to Sustainable Job Creation 


Position Papers

For a Brexit that protects jobs, rights and a social Europe for All - Timetable

Call for a new approach to trade deals

Campaign for effective and efficient TDIs ...


ETUC Pay Rise Campaign: Priority for industriAll Europe


Globalisation gone wrong

Stop the attack on Turkey’s Right to Strike!

Terrorism Will Not Succeed

USA withdrawal from the Paris Climate

A Global Deal: Enhanced Social Dialogue for Decent Work and Inclusive Growth   / Flyer

Shaping the Future of Youth

Vision of young industrial workers in a digital world

Action Plans

Building Trade Union Power (BTUP)


Brexit - Vote for a better Europe  EN DE FR

Refugee Crisis - Call for a credible refugee strategy  EN DE FR

Sectoral Social Dialogue - Strengthen the importance of SSD  EN DE FR

Equal Pay for Equal Work  EN DE FR

Steel - Our Future Rests on European Steel  EN DE FR


Offshore Oil Workers  EN DE FR

EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement  EN DE FR

Southern GTR Industrial Dispute  EN DE FR


Anticipating and dealing with change in companies DE EN FR

Transnational Company Restructuring DE EN FR


CO2 emissions standards for cars and road transport DE EN FR

National Competitiveness Boards DE EN FR

Digitalisation for equality, participation and cooperation in industry DE EN FR

Innovation by all and for all - Shaping a sustainable future for manufacturing DE EN FR


Negotiating Future/ Crisis Strategies DE EN FR

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) DE EN FR

Framework for Energy and Climate Change  DE EN FR

Manifesto - Put the Industry back to Work CZ DE EN ES FI FR HU PL


European Governance - For Social Responsibility and Democratic Governance DE EN FR

Situation and Development of the European Defence and Security Sector DE EN FR

Solidarity Pact DE EN FR

Nanotechnology and nanomaterials DE EN FR

Position on the general report of the European Commission on REACH DE EN FR

What future for ETS and Climate Policy in times of crisis DE EN FR

Twelve demands DE EN FR


Trade Union Position on the situation of European Land Armament sector DE EN FR

Common demand for Collective Bargaining, for more Secure Employment, Against Precarious Work DE EN FR

Wage Coordination Rule DE EN FR

Political Resolution adopted by the Founding Congress of industriAll European Trade Union DE EN FR (16/5)