Building Trade Union Power

More Members – More Active Members: Building Trade Union Power in Europe!

Trade unions draw their strength and collective power from the membership they represent. Strong unions powered by active members are the best protection against individual and collective dismantling of workers' rights. It is our membership base that empowers unions to be strong and credible actors in negotiations and dialogue.

Gaining more and active members is therefore a priority for our affiliates to which the European federation can also contribute.

Our role

industriAll Europe assists affiliates in their recruitment and organising activities with a range of support:

  • Building strategies for comprehensive organising with affiliates and helping them to shift focus on membership policies.
  • Assisting affiliates in organising campaigns with our expertise and through projects and training seminars.
  • Providing a platform for critical exchange of practices on organising campaigns.
  • Establishing a network of organisers BTUC4recovery

Our key recommendations for affiliates:

  • Make organising for collective bargaining a key priority in your union
  • Establish an organising culture
  • Allocate resources
  • Identify and train organisers
  • Build organising campaigns
  • Cooperate and coordinate, do not compete