Company Policy

IndustriAll Europe promotes a model of social democracy in the workplace that gives workers, both at national and European levels, a stronger say in corporate strategy as it is the best way to prevent the excesses of capitalism driven by financial markets, which in turn weakens long-term corporate development. IndustriAll Europe Company Policy thus focuses on drawing up policies and strategies co-ordinated at European level to ensure that workers and their representatives are better equipped to deal with the transnational strategies of multinational companies. Our trade union action in 500+ multinational companies in the manufacturing, energy and mining sectors consists of:

  • Using information, consultation and participation rights effectively to defend workers’ interests, and fighting for improved rights. IndustriAll Europe promotes and coordinates the establishment and functioning of European Works Councils (EWCs) and of workers’ involvement in companies governed by the European Company Statute (SE).

  • Reinforcing transnational solidarity and trade union cooperation within multinational companies. IndustriAll Europe coordinators for EWCs and SEs play an important role as their aim is to improve the ability of trade unions and worker representatives in EWCs and SEs to take effective action beyond national borders.

  • Working towards socially responsible anticipation and management of change to ensure sustainable development and avoid the negative effects of change on workers and employment. Our trade union coordination in multinational companies (especially in cases of transnational restructuring) is aimed at fostering a mutual commitment to work together, build common strategies and decide on joint actions at European level. Information and consultation bodies, board-level worker representation, and ad hoc trade union networks/alliances – both at national and European levels – play a crucial role in this coordination.

  • Promoting negotiations within European companies with a trade union mandate. As part of its work towards upwards harmonisation of working conditions and guaranteed fair solutions for all, industriAll Europe concludes European framework agreements (EFAs) at company level, based on a trade union mandate.

  • Promoting trade unions and trade union rights within multinational companies. Our company policy also coordinates action in cases of violation of workers’ rights or trade union rights in companies in Europe.

  • Promoting socially responsible and sustainable corporate governance by supporting initiatives aimed at strengthening corporate transparency and accountability.