The European Aerospace sector is a vital part of the European economy. With their highly skilled and dynamic workforce, comprehensive research and development programs, and strong emphasis on innovative technology, the Aerospace and Defense industries play a pivotal role in the EU economy. Dynamic and innovative, it is a world leader in advanced engineering, in civil air transport and in defense and space technology, delivering numerous economic, environmental and social benefits for Europe. In Europe, the aerospace sector generates a turnover of EUR 150 billion, employs over half a million highly-skilled workers and supports a similar number of indirect jobs. The sector is export extensive, contributing to the EU trade balance, roughly three-quarters of Europe’s civil aviation output is exported outside of the EU. Moreover, the aerospace sector is one of the most R&D intensive sectors in Europe, dedicating more than 12% of its turnover and 16% of the workforce to R&D, often in close partnership with universities and research centers.