Together. In Action. For Higher Wages


    The cost of living - fuelled by inflation and exploding energy prices - is spiralling around Europe.

    Wages are falling, purchasing power eroding and in-work poverty is on the rise. Households struggle to make ends meet. We are facing a full blown economic and social crisis.

    But trade unions are fighting back!

    IndustriAll Europe and its affiliates are joining forces to send out common demands in a European-wide campaign this autumn.

    Across Europe, affiliates are mobilising and engaged in negotiations to push for higher wages and stable purchasing power. With our European campaign we are supporting and framing the national campaigns and negotiations.

    We have key messages for employers and policymakers:

    • Workers need a pay rise and big business can afford it!
    • Inflation is not wage driven!
    • Workers need stable purchasing power and anti-crisis measures, not austerity!

    We have key demands to end the cost of living crisis:
    • A pay rise that guarantees decent living standards
    • Fair taxes on companies and the wealthy
    • Support for workers affected by the cost of living crisis
    • Financial support for companies struggling with energy costs, with guarantees to save jobs and raise wages
    • Sectoral bargaining so workers can win better pay

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