Trade Unions Back New Undeclared Work Platform
26 May 2016   The launch of the European Commission’s ‘Undeclared Work Platform’ on Friday 27 May is a long overdue initiative to tackle the exploitation of workers and unfair competition for law-abiding employers says the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). It is estimated that up to 20% of Europe’s GDP is in the ‘shadow economy’, and 11% of Europeans say they purchased goods or services involving undeclared work last year (in 2013). The Platform brings together the European Commission, all EU member states, employers and trade unions, and represents an important step forward, including for tackling the cross-border aspects of undeclared work. read more

Beware the “innovation principle”
26 May 2016   The Competitiveness Council on 26-27 May 2016 will discuss adopting an "innovation principle" for EU law-making. This would require the Commission to investigate the potential effect of legislation on research and innovation, during the “impact assessment" phase of the legislative process, before it is submitted to the Parliament and Council for democratic debate. This harmless-sounding clause has been strongly lobbied for by several corporate-led organisations. read more

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European Parliament says No to MES for China
19 May 2016   In a (non-binding) Resolution passed by 546 (or 84%) votes to 28, with 77 abstentions, on 12 May MEPs overwhelmingly rejected the possibility to grant China “Market Economy Status” (MES), which Beijing claims as its right, 15 years after joining the World Trade Organisation. read more

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Get ready for IndustriAll Europe in Action (7-9 June 2016)
17 May 2016   IndustriAll Europe will hold its 2nd Congress from 7-9 June 2016 in Madrid (Spain). The European industrial workers’ trade union federation is on the front line, addressing challenges relating to production and employment at European level. “IndustriAll Europe’s Congress will send a clear message to all stakeholders in support of solidarity, fair working conditions and a sustainable economy”, declared General Secretary Ulrich Eckelmann. The Congress will mark the continuity of this endeavour and decide upon a new strategy, agreeing on common key political priorities and future actions needed in order to ensure that the European workforce will get a fair deal in this rapidly changing economic environment. Moreover, it will also elect its new leadership for the next Congress period 2016-2020. read more

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Spain: 'Unidos Haciendo Futuro'
13 May 2016   A new industrial trade union federation was born in Spain today. UGT's sector federations MCA-UGT (metal, construction, wood) and FITAG-UGT (chemicals, mining, energy, textiles, food, agriculture) have merged to become UGT FICA (industry, construction, agriculture). read more

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