IndustriAll Europe celebrates a double anniversary
22 September 2016   On 22 September 1996, the pioneering Directive on the establishment of European Works Councils [EWCs] in multinational companies came into force. 20 years later, some 1,100 EWCs operate in Europe, half of which are actively supported by industriAll Europe. Even prior to the formal adoption of the Directive, industriAll Europe’s founding organisations seized the opportunity to conclude more than 20 EWC agreements with multinational companies. And this year, industriAll Europe is also celebrating 30 years of its very first EWC set up in 1986 in a French headquartered company. read more

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Workers should be at the heart of the debate on digitalising EU industry!
20 September 2016   Today, industriAll Europe welcomes the call by the European Commissioner Günther Oettinger to consult European social partners on digital skills and is pleased to be invited to join the Round Table on the ‘Digitising European industry’ initiative. These invitations are particularly welcome, since industriAll Europe has been working extensively on these questions internally, and was instrumental in promoting them in the agendas of its sectoral social dialogues. IndustriAll European Trade Union’s position is clear: “If you want digitalisation to be successful for Europe and its industries, workers will have to be put at the heart of the debate and of the process” stated Luc Triangle, General Secretary. read more

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Relaunching a sustainable and value-adding European sectoral social dialogue
19 September 2016   Social dialogue is a determining factor when it comes to competitiveness and employment and social partners need to play a key role in shaping the European Social Agenda. With their role recognised in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and with their mandate to determine working conditions in most European countries, this should be obvious. Why, then, are European-level social partners now experiencing a watering-down of their role and input into policy making at EU level? read more

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Solidarity with trade unions and workers against the closure of Caterpillar in Gosselies
16 September 2016   Today, 10,000 people have responded to the Belgian trade unions’ call to protest against the plans to close the Caterpillar site in Gosselies (see our press release dated 6 September). IndustriAll Europe is also present, together with its affiliates, and once more expresses its wholehearted support for the struggle of the thousands of workers at Caterpillar, as well as the subcontractors, suppliers and their families. read more

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Global Measures Required Against Chinese Dumping
12 September 2016   Massive excess capacity, particularly in China, is continuing to threaten and disrupt steel-producing economies and communities worldwide. Severe cases of dumping have been observed on several occasions and are putting a huge strain on jobs. On the occasion of the 81th session of the OECD’s Steel Committee in Paris last week, trade union representatives from IndustriALL Global Union, industriAll Europe, United Steel Workers, Unite the Union and Community called for an end to these practices. The OECD meeting continued with a consultation of government officials to discuss the setting up of the Global Forum on Excess Steel capacity, further to the recent decision taken by the G20. Regrettably, trade union and industry representatives were excluded from this meeting. read more

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