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CB National Agreements - news

Latest news on agreements & news
DE Germany: IG Metall has achieved an agreement in metal and electrical in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The agreement combines real wage increases and special working time arrangements. It could be a pilot for the rest of the country. [ EN ] - 12 February 2018  
DE Germany: The bargaining round in the German metal and electrical industries continues. Industrial actions across the country have been escalated. IG Metall is hoping for a solution without full-scale strikes without time limits. [ EN ] - 02 February 2018  
AU Austria: GPA-djp has summarised the most important problems following last year's election and change of government. Key words are deregulation, decentralisation and reform of social security. No fight against social dumping. [ EN ] - 23 January 2018  
FR France: FGMM-CFDT conducted at working time survey in the spring of 2017. Almost 4,000 members responded. The results have been summarized and published. [ EN ] - 18 January 2018  
DE Germany: IG Metall has been provoked by the employers' counterclaims in the ongoing collective bargaining round in the metal and electrical industries. Industrial actions might be escalated. [ EN ] - 18 January 2018  
EU Eurostat: The employment developments are by and large positive in the EU. However, five Member States have unemployment levels above 10%. In Greece, 20% of the workforce is without a job. And one should bear in mind that many new jobs are precarious. [ EN ] - 11 January 2018  
EU Eurostat: There are huge disparities with respect to social protection in the Member States, something which reflects both diverse economic standards and national priorities. [ EN ] - 04 January 2018  
NL The Netherlands: CNV Vakmensen has outlined the pro and cons of universal income. [ EN ] - 07 November 2017  
DE Germany: IG Metall's Executive Board recommends a wage demand of 6% for the next 12 months and in addition a demand for a temporary working time reduction with partial wage compensation. [ EN ] - 12 October 2017  
RO The European Court of Human Rights has sided with a Romanian employee in a case of great significance. The Court found that his employer's monitoring of his Internet use at work violated his right to privacy. (Majority ruling after appeal). [ EN ] - 09 October 2017  
EU Eurostat: The number of persons employed in the EU increased by 0.4% in the second quarter of 2017. Compared with 2016, the growth was 1.5%. [ EN ] - 29 September 2017  
EU Eurostat: GDP rose by 0.7% in the EU28 during the second quarter of 2017, compared with the previous quarter. Compared with the same quarter of the previous year, GDP grew by 2.4%. [ EN ] - 29 September 2017  
FR France: The government has initiated changes to the national labour law. In attachment, news report from Planet Labor. [ EN ] - 29 September 2017  
DE Germany: All blue and white-collar workers in car repair shops will get wage increases in two steps of 5.8 % (in total) over the next two years [ EN ] - 29 September 2017  
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