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CB National Agreements - news

Latest news on agreements & news
DE Germany: IG Metall has defined its demands for the steel bargaining round. A pay rise of 6% for twelve months, more holiday money and optional free time are among the demands. [ EN ] - 22 February 2019  
NL The Netherlands: The text of the agreement signed by the Dutch metal unions in February 2019, has been translated into English. [ EN ] - 08 February 2019  
NL The Netherlands: After a lengthy strike, a new collective agreement has finally been concluded in the Dutch Metalelectro sector. Wages will be increased by 3.5% from 1 February 2019 plus lump sums. The agreement is applicable from 1 June 2018. [ EN ] - 08 February 2019  
EU OECD: Bargaining systems that coordinate wages across sectors tend to be linked with lower wage inequality and better employment outcomes, including for vulnerable groups. However, this may come at the expense of lower productivity growth. [ EN ] - 09 January 2019  
AU Austria: GPA-djp has made a description of the first year that has passed since the change of government to conservative/far-right. [ EN ] - 09 January 2019  
NL The Netherlands: FNV and CNV have concluded a collective agreement for 85,000 workers in the automotive sector. There will be a pay rise of 6.5% over two years. In addition come a positive solution regarding Saturday work and a generation pact. [ EN ] - 04 December 2018  
AU Austria: PRO-GE and GPA-djp have successfully concluded this year's bargaining round in the metal industries. It was a hard-fought dispute that also involved warning strikes. [ EN ] - 26 November 2018  
NL The Netherlands: Dutch metal workers have been on strike for five months because of a stalemate in collective bargaining. The employers' offer is far from satisfactory and FNV is organising a petition in order to gain support for their demands. [ EN ] - 26 November 2018  
AU Austria: Due to a breakdown in the negotiations in the biggest metal sub-sector, the trade unions have decided to organise warning strikes effective from 12 November 2018. [ EN ] - 12 November 2018  
EU The trade unions in the Visegrad countries have expressed strong disapproval with a complaint filed by the Hungarian and Polish governments on the posting of workers directive. The two governments are hoping to see the new directive be annulled. [ EN ] - 19 October 2018  
EU UNI Europa has adopted a statement on a modernised working time policy. [ EN ] - 19 October 2018  
AU Austria: Trade unions PRO-GE and GPA-djp have adopted their demands for the upcoming bargaining round in the metal sector. There will be focus on real wage increases, overtime pay and working time regulations. [ EN ] - 12 October 2018  
NL The Netherlands:The Dutch unions are organising protests and industrial actions across the country. Negotiations with the employers in metal and electrical have stalled. [ EN ] - 25 June 2018  
AU Austria: On 14 June 2018 the new right-wing government submitted a motion to the Parliament on increased working time flexibility. It might possible to work 12 hours a day and 60 hours a week, at any time and without prerequisites. [ EN ] - 20 June 2018  
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